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FAMILY1A.W. & Sons is a full-service exhaust and HVAC, duct cleaning company on Long Island, specializing in commercial systems and clients.  Whether you are trying to pass inspection by meeting health codes and laws, cleanse the air, maintain a healthy work environment, or even to lower bills by ensuring a more energy efficient system, it all starts and ends with clean exhausts and duct systems.  At any given moment there are millions of particles floating through the air, be they dust, dirt, debris, toxins, or other pollutants.  A.W. & Sons is dedicated to provide platinum quality exhaust and duct cleaning services that are guaranteed to ensure the safest and healthiest environments for all of our customers.

Regardless of the reason behind needing commercial duct cleaning, A.W. & Sons is proud to be the solution to your problem.  With commercial clients such as hospitals, nursing homes, universities, schools, hotels, fire departments, and corporate buildings, we understand just how critical and vital it is to have clean and effective exhaust and duct systems.  We offer a complete list of comprehensive services, so you can count on our company for everything you may need.  Our thorough and meticulous cleaning services extend to all types of duct systems, including HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning), kitchen exhausts, commercial grease cleaning, and dryer vents.  In addition to hood and grease cleaning, Long Island duct cleaning company, A.W. & Sons also provides maintenance and repair services, to ensure your systems are functioning at optimal levels.

With over 50 years of industry experience, our company and specialists have witnessed incredible and drastic changes in the industry, with the evolution of new systems, as well as changes in the health laws and regulations.  These advancements and stringent laws, alone, make it critically important to hire a professional Long Island duct cleaning service to take care of your system(s).  A.W. & Sons team of knowledgeable and experienced technicians are experts with the various kinds of systems, both new and old.  Additionally, they have the tools, equipment, and products to clean your ducts, safely and efficiently, without disrupting your business or facility and without contaminating the air any further.  Small office or large corporation in Suffolk or Nassau County or facility, there is no job too big or to difficult for A.W. & Sons.

A.W. & Sons services the Long Island and New York City’s five boroughs, determined to provide nothing short of the best services around.  As a family owned and operated business, our company is founded on the most honorable and trustworthy of principles and values.  AW & Sons Exhaust prides itself on providing our customers with quick and efficient, top-of-the-line services. However, it is our chief priority to ensure and guarantee our clients the clean, healthy, and safe work environment they deserve





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